Speaking Out

Speaking Out


by Philip
I am autistic and I want to dare to change ideas about us.  I am reaching out to the world by a lot of ways.  One way is through blogging.  I decided to understand autism best over all experts.  I am autistic and not seeking treatment.  I am tired of seeking ways to eradicate autism.  It each day hurts one autistic too many.  Daring to steer away from torment of talking negatively about autism is the solution.  I assume to stop irresponsible ideas about autism.  The idea that autistics are without feelings is terrible.  It leaves us vulnerable to all kinds of abuse.  I am still traumatized by teachers who would restrain me at my old school.  I so want teachers to understand they hurt autistics when they think we are not smart. 
The idea that we want to be left alone is hurtful too.  Dearth of people idea is depressing.  I very much want to make friends.  I need help with it.  I like listening to kids talk to me.  Each day I sometimes catch myself determined not to let myself get depressed about not talking.  I am determined to listen to my new teachers so I can make friends (talking with my letterboard).  
Another wrong idea is to extinguish stims.  Stims relax us from sensory overload.  I can function better if I stim.  If I couldn’t stim, I wouldn’t be able to mute the distracting sounds like the refrigerator noise or from the surroundings.  Isn’t it nonsense to think we stim for no reason? 
I am happy to be each day at (my new school).  There they treat me with respect and love.  I think autistics need more acceptance and less therapy.  I think open-ended communication techniques should be emphasized.  RPM taught me to understand myself and stop storing sorrow in me.  I am thankful to Soma and Mom for talking to me and helping me understand the world better.  I want to tell parents not to give up on their kids.  It is tragic not to have a voice.      

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