Please, ask congress not to call Autism a disease that needs to be combated. As a hyperlexic, what I want is respect, not to be vilified. I need help getting accommodations instead of help making me act like everyone else. It’s a disability, not a curse. We don’t need to figure out how to prevent autistics from being born. What we need is help with what to do after birth. Adult autistics ar…e especially ignored, even though we still need assistance with some things. Also, Autism isn’t as bad as they crack it up to be. It need not lead to a life of drudgery. With proper family support and, if needed, communication assistance devices a great life is not only possible, but probable.
Autistics can go to school, work, get married, and have families like everyone else. This includes non speaking autistics, by the way. Just because someone sometimes needs to flap their hands to relax or focus doesn’t mean that they can’t get a job. Not being able to speak shouldn’t be a barrier to anything. Nor should being able to speak be considered superior. Someone can be autistic and speak, or autistic and unable to speak.
Someone can be autistic and very social because autism isn’t the same as being antisocial. I may have to leave the room for a quick nap, but not because I want to leave, but because things are getting too noisy for me to handle and I need to get rid of a migraine. However, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to be there. It’s just that I learned to be able to figure out when I need to leave and when I need to stay. There is no shame in having figured out ways to deal with stress.
Now you are probably wondering why I want you to boycott Autism Speaks. I mean, you probably think they are a good organization. However, you have been wronged by them. They are telling people that Autism is an epidemic, not true, there were as many autistics in the past, they just went underdiagnosed or misdiagnosed or were simply murdered. This is like saying there was no ADHD before they came up with the diagnosis. That would be ridiculous. The same is true of Autism.
Autism Speaks also supports the Rotenberg Center, where they use electric shocks to discourage any “non-compliance” as if they were dealing with bad dogs and not human beings. They still defend the idea of shocking a man (while laughing at him, by the way) for three hours for not taking off their coat inside. They have this on video, too. By the time they were done the guy had to be hospitalized because he was non responsive. They haven’t apologized for this and Autism Speaks has no problem with this.
Autism Speaks also spends the majority of their money on trying to prevent autism or to cure it. A paltry 3.5 percent of their budget goes towards treatments like the one I just mentioned. On second thought, that’s probably a good thing.
They also encourage stopping all autistic behavior to make the person appear normal. This means they have to vilify all autistic behavior, no matter how benign. Say an autistic likes to tap their foot, then that has to be stopped. Or say they don’t smile at the right time, that has to be fixed. Perhaps the autistic likes to wear a certain color all the time, that has to be stopped. Or the autistic likes to spin in their chair, oh no, that absolutely has to be stopped.
This is why I don’t like Autism Speaks. They hate autistics simply because they don’t act like everybody else. And according to them they need to be the same. The world needs to be whitewashed perfection with no color left in it at all. And to be honest, I don’t want to ever see a world that bland and that free of disability.

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