#stopcombatingme Poem

Written by Jessica Benham

Don’t put me in the box of your preconceived notions
Boxes are for boring people who don’t know how to
Dream in a different language
Doesn’t translate to your verbal backlash
To my stimming presence
Limited perception makes my words lack meaning
Hear my entire meaningful beautiful stimtastic transmission
Just cause I can pass as NT doesn’t mean I must
Make you feel comfortable
You are already comfortable dismissing me
Blaze a Scarlet A across my chest
But I, I will hold that burning sensation in my mouth
Spend my entire life feeling lesser
Since my neurology is not in vogue
My autism won’t go into remission
Stop Combating Me

Please also have a look at this powerful and moving video that Jess recorded of  her poem:


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One response to “#stopcombatingme Poem

  1. Jessica!! Absolutely love LOVE the video!!

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