Written by Skylar
As previously mentioned, I have Asperger’s. I am proud of it, god dammit it. I mean, it makes my life more difficult at times, but it’s shaped who I am. I am comfortable with it.

So, on my social networking sites, people have been flipping out over The Combating Autism Act. So, I looked it up a bit… and it made me furious.
I am not defective. I am not something that needs to be combated. I do not need to be spoken for (*cough Autism Speakscough*). I may not be the default, but it is not a fault.
Some may argue, oh, what about the autistics who can’t speak / communicate, or who throw tantrums constantly??? shouldn’t they be cured?
We may not know what they want. There are ways for autistic people to learn to communicate, even if not through spoken word. There are ways to treat autism without curing it.
Maybe it’d be beneficial to cure autism in these people?
Well, let’s say that there were no moral implications with curing autism on its own. There’s still moral implications with altering genes! Yeah, from the research done, there are multiple genes that might be responsible for autism. To prevent / cure autism, there’d have to be intensive gene alteration, which, besides just being dystopic, would cause far more problems than it’d “cure”.
Other people have suggested brain surgeries. Oh, yeah, let’s unnecessarily crack open someone’s skull to make everyone else’s lives easier. Just like that one family who had their son’s vocal chords altered because his tic was too loud, which raises issues of bodily autonomy.
Bodily autonomy? You know, that human right?
So, I’m just really angry.
I think I have comments enabled, so, go ahead and comment. I probably won’t respond to them unless I feel it’s necessary, but go ahead and comment anyway.

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